Tips for hikers

Golden rules for a fantastic hike

Before setting off :

– Check the weather before each outing, and do not hesitate to postpone a hike if the forecast is poor.

– Choose a trail adapted to your physical abilities.

Notify people, of your itinerary, and your expected date and time of return.

– Avoid going alone.

What to take with you :

– Your backpack : if you are going for a day hike, a capacity of less than 50 litres will suffice.

– Things to pack : warm clothes and a poncho (to shelter both yourself and the backpack), in case the weather gets bad.

Take water, carry several water bottles (1.5 litres minimum for a day hike). Beware of water from streams and rivers, as even at high altitudes, it can be unfit for consumption.

– For longer hikes, pack a detailed map (1:25.000 scale) and a compass. (e.g.: IGN map) as well as a survival blanket, a whistle and a headlamp.

– For sun protection, wear a hat or cap, sunglasses, and use high SPF sunscreen (Warning: sunburn occurs quickly at altitude, even in cloudy skies).

Footwear: ensure you wear quality, high-cut hiking boots, with good grip and shock absorbing soles. Choose footwear that is at least half a size bigger than your everyday shoes. Why ? Feet swell while walking, leading to compression if the shoes are too tight.

Trousers are better than shorts to avoid scratches and sunburn.

– Carry binoculars to observe animals without disturbing them

Tip : the weight of your backpack must not exceed 10% of your body weight.