Our shops and services

Everything you might need…

If you are into restaurant dining, there’s plenty to go around in the resort. If you are more the supermarket and picnic type, there’s no shortage of options either. If you need skis, or hiking boots, the same applies… There’s everything you need in our resort.

Food and regional produce

Savoy is proud of its particularly tasty, authentic regional produce. Local specialities can be purchased in all resort shops, because we are proud bearers of our red and white standard. Since we know how to welcome everyone, our grocery shops carry all the items you need.

Photo d'un plateau de produits régionaux. nous avons des rondelles de saucissons ainsi qu'un morceau de Beaufort coupé avec un couteau sur une planche de bois
Un bébé couché sur une couverture sur l'herbe prend le frais à l'ombre d'un arbre, accompagné d'une nounou de la crèche, halte garderie du Pôle Enfance La Ruche de La Toussuire

La Ruche children’s centre

A buzzing place for kids of all ages, with a range of early childhood activities, games, and nature discovery opportunities. We offer a nursery for kids from 6 months, a children’s club from age 3, a leisure centre for older kids, and tonnes of activities…

Sports shops

Calling all experts! Our sports stores are run by active people who speak the language of active people, know how to assess their true needs and suggest the right products.

In the mountains, we are serious about the quality equipment, whether for rent or purchase, and our retailers know what they sell since they also use this gear every day.

They can be relied upon!

Assortiment de snowboard à l'extérieur d'un magasin de sport

Shopping and souvenirs

Don’t forget to bring back a small gift for your parents or friends who didn’t get the opportunity to stay with us for their holidays. .They deserve that much!

Remember to treat yourself too, choose among the many small wonders on offer, and gift yourself a little piece of the mountain to take home.


You don’t usually get sick on holiday, but it can happen. We may feel a bit lost when this happens, because we’re far from home. Relax: doctor, pharmacy, osteopath, click below to find out more.

Photo pris en intérieur dans un atelier. La photo est zoomé sur des mains d'artisans en train de prendre des mesures sur un morceau de bois

Tradesmen, maintenance, repairs and renovation

If you’re a property owner and are looking for a tradesman to repair, improve or renovate your property our local tradesmen are at your service, and are happy to work in the resort they love so much.


If you came here by train or plane then you’re already familiar with our shuttles and taxis If not, you will soon discover this way of getting around the resort, or travelling to our neighbouring resort of Le Corbier.

Leaving your car and taking free public transport is not only convenient, it’s also very environmentally-friendly and great for your peace of mind.

Photo taken in winter on a beautiful day. We see the internal shuttle bus between La Toussuire and Le Corbier with the snow-capped mountains in the background