The Ski Touring

Ski touring, for an incomparable feeling of freedom

Ski touring or ski mountaineering is THE most popular winter sport currently. Combining skiing and high-intensity sports activity, and a unique, exceptional feeling of freedom, it draws more and more skiers. With its virgin alpine pasture snowfields, our resort is particularly suitable for learning this sport. From Bottières to Grand Turc, or along Ouillon ridges, as shown in the photo above, ski touring is a flagship activity in our resort.

Further evidence of this is that three of the best ski mountaineers in the world are natives of the resort, and train regularly in our mountains…

2 secteurs ski de randonnée

2 secteurs géographiques et 5 parcours balisés vont être consacrés dès cet hiver au ski de randonnée. Ils couvrent une partie de la station des Bottières (à 1200m d’altitude) et tout le versant de notre Grand Truc jusqu’à son sommet à 2209m.

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Learn ski touring

This physically demanding sport can be learned like all other sports. It requires knowledge of your equipment, of the environment in which you practice, and some tips to quickly find pleasure in doing the sport. Check the weather before leaving, carry a DVA, a shovel and a probe, as well as a means of alerting rescue, together with a map or GPS device to be on the safe side.

Ski de randonnée accompagné ESF

Partez à la découverte de la montagne autrement ! L’ESF vous propose différents parcours de ski de randonnée, pour tous les niveaux !

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