The resort for families

La Toussuire, a human-sized, easy, convenient, walker-friendly, and caring resort: The resort for families.

Want us to convince you to choose us ?

La Toussuire resort internal shuttle circular route, with snow-capped mountains in the background. The shuttles are free of charge for visitors within the resort, and to the nearby resort of Le Corbier.
Photo taken on a beautiful summer day. Family in the middle of the mountains, with their backs to the camera, and their arms open to the great outdoors.
Pass'Partout card, the pre-payment card for Le Corbier and La Toussuire. The card allows you to pay for your activities and benefit from promotions, just like a normal card

La Toussuire is easy to get to :20 minutes from the motorway exit and the international train station, so you can get here quicker. The road is wide, easy to clear, and without a drop.

Our human-sized resort is walker-friendly : At a single elevation on an 1,800-metre plateau; everything is in walking distance in our resort (shops, accommodation…) you can get from one end to the other in a few minutes; dedicated pedestrian trails cover most of the resort, for greater peace of mind with children and prams.

“Pass Partout” Card : a reloadable prepaid card, also valid in the nearby resort of Le Corbier, allowing you to pay for your activities and benefit from exclusive discounts. With our card, save money, enjoy as many activities as you want, and give your children greater independence.

100% free shuttles :we offer a circular line around the plateau, a transversal line going from one side to the other, on our free, ultra-convenient shuttles.

Free shuttle to Le Corbier : the convenient way to get to the medical centre or the pharmacy, With easy access to the pool as well !

Parking is free ! Yes, it’s true : it’s our gift to you, because we know it matters ! Well ? Aren’t we the family resort ?

The resort for families and children !

At our resort, all activities are family-friendly, but if you want to take a bit of a breather, we can help :


In one of the two La Toussuire skiing schools early-learning areas, children line up on a mat, waiting for an instructor to give them skiing instructions. A snow-covered mountain is in the background.

Children’s centre

A child playing with stickers and dry pastels. The child is attending daycare at La Ruche children's centre.

Relaxation areas

Photo in a spa. We see a couple in a jacuzzi in the foreground, gazing towards the background at their children, who are in a swimming pool.

The children’s centre manages the crèche and the children’s club. We welcome kids from 6 months to 12 years. We offer flexible, helpful solutions, with or without meals or activities included ! To avoid disappointment, ensure you book your spot as soon as your accommodation is confirmed.

Our two skiing schools (ESF and ESI) offer many programmes adapted to all levels, tastes, and practices. They work hand in hand with the Children’s Centre to make your life easier. For more information, please ask them about these services.

Our hotels and residences offer a range of spas and relaxation areas. Enjoy, relax, and have a good time.

Our hosts are particularly focused on welcoming children, they offer tailored facilities and highly convenient solutions to accommodate your whole family in the utmost comfort.

We offer a range of events and activities for families and children

Entertainment event featuring mascot Toussy and a family in La Toussuire main street.
Chocolate bars workshop for children, during La Toussuire Gastronomy Week
Siblings engage in a sledding competition, under their parents' gaze. Toussy, La Toussuire's mascot, takes part in the race in a sled.

A programme of activities (in which all children have a place) is published every week of the winter and summer seasons. To each age its pleasures and joys, everyone is catered to. Whether après-ski or post-hike, in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings, entertainments follow one another at all times of the day.

Most of our events are especially child-focused. During gastronomy week, Wednesdays are specially designed for children with specific workshops on offer. During water days, specific children’s workshops are focused on environmental awareness.

Activity providers are particularly attentive to the comfort of families and children, and their creativity is limitless!

All our special activities for children and families

Photo taken in winter in the middle of the day. It depicts a family seated in a dogs' sled. The foreground shows the dogs, while the family is in the background