The La Toussuire spirit : the Alpine pasture

Alpine pasture nostalgia

La Toussuire resort was created in 1937 by the Fontcouverte families, who grazed their herds on the alpine plateau in the summer. The alpine pasture is a land of pleasures, work opportunities, and community spirit. It is a place where people are at once carefree and busy, free and at our herds’ beck and call, happy to live a simple life in alpine chalets, in direct communion with raw nature, and in the company of other local alpine pasture residents. The particularly friendly atmosphere of the resort originated in this era. Nostalgia, and the spirit of these “timeless” epochs, still characterise many La Toussuire residents and holidaymakers.

Our values live on today

Our values are still the same today. A blend of work and fun, a focus on families, a sense of friendliness and loyalty, we are a people who love to ski and be active, but always take the time to check on one another; we’re always up for a bit of fun too, and enjoy life in the sun, amidst nature. La Toussuire is the resort for active and sporty families, those who like to fill their holidays with all kinds of experiences, smiles, efforts, and sometimes, also, just with little nothings. The little nothings that make us feel alive: a gaze, a handshake, having a drink, or simply sharing a slice of cheese. These moments leave you feeling stronger, recharged for the year ahead.

Summer in the pastures

In summer, green and flowery mountain pastures surround the resort. Nearby, streams gurgle and marmots frolic near the scree, while cows graze peacefully. Nature offers expansive playgroundsfor bike rides, as well as easily accessible hikes. The panoramas are amazing. On the plateau, everything is in walking distance and easy to get to. Activities and entertainment are numerous and refreshed regularly to prevent boredom. Ascend the hills by chairlift, the meals are delectable and the nights are cool. The resort is 20 minutes from the motorway exit or the international train station, and the drive up is always a pleasure.

An idyllic place for an active, relaxing holiday.

Photo taken from an alpine pasture on a beautiful summer day. Profile photo of family sitting in the alpine pasture, with their son going up to them. The foreground shows yellow flowers, with mountains in the background.