Our ski pass

Ascending the mountains to go skiing or hiking is a wonderful thing !

The ski lifts are the gateway to paradise. The snowy expanses are yours, as are the green, flower-filled mountain pastures. In just a few minutes, you’ll be in 7th heaven, and your walks and days on the slopes will be unforgettable!

It’s important to choose the right ski pass for La Toussuire! Les Sybelles® offers a range of packages to suit everyone. But how can you be sure you’re choosing the package that’s right for you? We’ll explain everything!

Landscape photo taken during the day. The photo was taken in winter. We can see 5 people on a chairlift, ready to go skiing.

Promotional offer ski pass Les Sybelles®

Saturdays at €28: Every Saturday during the 2023-2024 winter season, the Sybelles® day pass is €28 instead of €56.40. This promotional offer is only available online on Wednesdays before midnight. For latecomers, from Thursday until midnight on Friday, the Saturday all-day pass will be €45.

Skio Grande : A loyalty and discount programme for day skiing set up by the lift companies in the 17 participating resorts and ski areas. All you have to do is pay €14 (€7 card + €7 membership fee). As soon as you receive your card, you no longer need to go to the ski lift ticket office to top up your card, as your membership entitles you to have the cost of your ski days automatically debited from your bank card. This membership entitles you to automatic reductions of between 20% and 50% on the day pass.

Initiation ski pass

Ideal for beginners, this package gives you access to two ski lifts: la petite Verdette and la Musique. This package complements access to the Les Lutins area, which has two free-access mats.

The introductory package is sold at a single price. Or €18.90 per day or €16.70 for 4 consecutive hours, excluding the cost of keycard* (€1.50 per keycard*).

The beginners’ pass gives you access to the green zone, in addition to the two mats (Nos. 1 and 2).

Ski pass évolution

The Evolution ski pass complements the Initiation package for the more experienced riders. This ski pass gives access to all the ski lifts in La Toussuire and Les Bottières. Some twenty chairlifts and surface lifts. This package will take you as far as Ouillon, at an altitude of 2400m.

The Evolution package is only available by the day or 4 consecutive hours. The package price does not include keycard* (€1.50 per keycard*).

Skipass Sybelles®

The Sybelles® ski pass gives you access to the entire ski area, which includes 6 resorts: La Toussuire, Le Corbier, Les Bottières, Saint Colomban des Villards, Saint Sorlin d’Arves and Saint Jean d’Arves. This ski pass offers a range of packages, from a 4-hour consecutive ski pass to a 14-day consecutive ski pass. The package price does not include keycard* (€1.50 per keycard*). The package price does not include support* (€1.50 per keycard*).

For student ski passes, the discount is only granted on the Sybelles® ski pass. On presentation of a valid student card.

Skipass Sybelles® Tribu+

Ideal for families or friends, this package gives you preferential rates. Biggest : you don’t have to be part of the same family! There’s no need to show proof of family membership You simply need to be 2 adults and 2 children aged 5 to 11, or 2 juniors aged 12 to 17, or one child and one junior. It’s up to you to create your own tribe! The package price does not include keycard* (€1.50 per keycard*).

Skipass Sybelles® Tribu

Based on the same principle as the Sybelles®tribu skipass, this package also gives you preferential rates. You don’t need to be from the same family. The only difference is that this package is for 3 people only. The package price does not include keycard* (€1.50 per support*).

Skipass for disabled person

-50% discount on the Sybelles® ski pass: 4 hours, 1 day, 5 days, 6 days, 7 days for the beneficiary on presentation of a mobility and inclusion card (CMI) bearing the mention disability. The price of the pass does not include the keycard* (€1.50 per keycard*). The package price does not include keycard* (€1.50 per keycard*).

Free skipass

Child : for children aged under 5 on the first day of validity of the skipass.

Champion : for people aged 75 and over on the first day of validity of the pass.

These free passes are granted on presentation of proof of date of birth. The free pass doesn’t include the keycard* (€1.50 per keycard*).

Winter season skipass 2023-2024

If you buy the season pass before 1 December 2023, you will receive a 50% discount. For the season package, the keycard* is free.

Children under 12 years old at 16/12/2023

Vermeil from age 65 years old at 16/12/2023

Because we love loyalty, we’re offering a €50 discount on season passes until 1 December 2023, on online reloads only. This discount applies only to holders of a 2022/2023 season pass. You will need to have your keycard* to get the discount (enter the serial number).

All ski passes requiring proof of age (student, free for children under 5, champion, disabled person) cannot be booked online. You can only pick them up at the lift desks during your stay.

Pedestrian round-trip

The pedestrian pass is valid for one return journey only. It’s a single price : €12.30 for a return journey. It does not include the keycard* (€1.50 per keycard*). This pass can only be purchased at the ski lift ticket offices.

Open pedestrian chairlifts

Photo prise en fin d'après midi. Photo en format paysage. Nous pouvons voir au premier plan la nouvelle télécabine Côte du Bois. En arrière plan nous pouvons voir les Aiguilles d'Arves.

Cable car Côte du Bois

Photo prise de jour en format portrait. Nous pouvons voir des piétons et skieur sur un télésiège. En arrière plan nous pouvons apercevoir les Aiguilles d'Arves.

Chairlift Tête de Bellard


The card is a rechargeable hands-free card. It can be reused and recharged at lift ticket offices, automatic terminals or directly online. Please note that some keycards from other resorts are compatible with our ski area.

Insurance Carré neige

With ‘Carré Neige’, you benefit from the skills of the best professionals in the sector and a comprehensive range of services, from the cost of rescue on the slopes to reimbursement of lift passes and/or ski lessons, not forgetting ambulance transport.

Carré Neige insurance costs €3.30 per person per day in addition to the price of the ski pass.

Carré Neige Season insurance costs €49 per person in addition to the price of the season pass.

Other insurance options are also available, such as Carré Neige intégral and Carré Neige Nordique.

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