What to do in La Toussuire ?

La Toussuire offers a range of activities : our mountain area is welcoming and suitable for all !

Mountain holidays are full of outdoor activities to enjoy space, sun and fresh air. Explore the peaks, discover the mountains, hit the slopes, enjoy exercising again…

When you return to the resort, a range of events await you, like a reward for your efforts. Experience the pleasure of being together again and sharing good times. A life full of memories to bring back with you !

Photo prise de nuit dans la rue verte. Il s'agit d'un spectacle du Festival "Le Spectacle est dans la rue" où nous pouvons voir trois artistes en pleine performance de cirque devant du public

Calendar and Events

Our entertainment and events department offers a range of activities of all kinds to enhance your days, late afternoons, and evenings, depending on the season. Enjoy our family and group events, with a range of entertainment to experience and events to take part in ! Our restaurants, bars, and pubs are also great venues to enjoy numerous moments of celebration and joy.

Couple allongé sur les bancs d'un sauna très lumineux avec des pierres chaudes au premier plan


Taking a moment to relax and admire the sunrise. Lying in the grass and listening to the sound of cow bells, or watching the clouds drift across the sky. What a great holiday programme ! To help you relax, we offer welcome moments of letting go in our many relaxation areas. Treat yourself to that fabulous massage you’ve been dreaming of all year round, dive into the pool, feel yourself melt in a jacuzzi or sauna. Now’s the time !

Photo prise lors d'une belle journée d'été. Nous voyons un couple en VTT Électrique côte à côte autour du lac de l'Eriscal. La photo est prise au matin et le couple est de trois quart vers l'objectif

Explore our mountains

Hiking, mountain biking, trail running or cycling, there’s a great choice of summer sports in La Toussuire. Are you rather calm and contemplative, athletic and active, or simply somewhere in the middle ? Our resort allows you to be all of these at once, or one after the other, as you prefer.

A family learns to ski on the Ravières slope in La Toussuire

Winter activities

In winter, there is so much to do ! All styles of skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, and many other activities are available ! Treat yourself : That’s what holidays are about, after all !

Young child photographed from behind skateboarding on La Toussuire pumptrack.

Summer activities

Summer is the season of experiences. Experience beautiful weather and a sense of freedom, now’s the time to try new things. Tap into a sense of playfulness, challenge or curiosity, and try our activities, push your limits, get out of your comfort zone, you will not regret it and will have so many stories to tell your friends back home !

Photo prise de jour au lac de l'Eriscal en été. Nous pouvons voir une personne survolant le lac à l'aide de la tyrolienne. Le ciel bleu représente la moitié de l'image.

Leisure areas

Our leisure areas in the heart of nature are ideal for precious moments of contemplating the little ones at play for hour on end, picnics with the family, or large, loud and even boisterous gatherings, and for those addicted to all-engulfing passions.

La photo représente la fabrication d'un fromage. Nous pouvons voir un personnel de la coopérative en train de remuer la cuve

The surrounding area

La Toussuire is rooted in the Maurienne valley, which boasts a significant historical, industrial and tourist heritage. Many tours, museums or excursions are available from our resort. Be curious, there is so much to discover !