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What is Les Sybelles®?

La Toussuire is our resort, but it’s also part of a whole, the Sybelles® ski area. But what is Les Sybelles®? From the creation of the resort of La Toussuire to the origins of the ski area and the origin of its name. We explain it all to you!

Nouveau logo des Sybelles®
Famille active et sportive en randonnée sur les chemins de La Toussuire. Toute la famille regarde la jeune fille qui cueille des fleurs dans une champ de pissenlits, au soleil et devant un panorama magnifique de montagnes

A family resort

With spaces dedicated to learning, fun zones, and playgrounds, in winter as in summer, La Toussuire is especially focused on families. Here, children rule and are free to roam, the atmosphere “feels like home”. Come and discover La Toussuire, where generations of people love to spend their holidays

Supporting our local artisans !

Beaufort cheese is our best known local speciality. However, our valley is full of other enthusiastic artisans who are keen for you to discover their authentic, sometimes surprising produce !

Cubes de fromage de Beaufort plantés de petits drapeaux avec logo Beaufort sur une assiette lors d'une animation gastronomique au soleil sur le front de neige
Photo prise en journée depuis la Tête de Bellard. Nous pouvons voir le Grand Truc avec le Col du Marolay dans des couleurs automnales

La Toussuire in all seasons

Our resort can be crowded in winter and busy in summer, but have you ever wondered what it was like in the off-season? It may be quiet and silent, but it’s certainly not asleep. It lives, but in a different way. This is the right time to discover our hidden treasures !

The resort champions

Alpine skiing is very important to our ambassadors. It makes sense, our land is a great place for skiing. Find out more about the athletes who represent us, who inspires them, and what drove them to become champions.

Bannière des champions avec plusieurs sportifs de la Toussuire de gauche à droite : Lorna Bonnel, Léna Bonnel, Candice Bonnel, Lou Covarel et William Turnes
Photo prise en journée. Il s'agit de trace de neige faite par un lièvre variable

Our planet

From small gestures to biginitiatives, our endeavours to sustain our resort and protect nature are detailed here.

Discover our mountain heritage

The heritage of or resort, hamlets and village makes us proud! It may sometimes be hidden in the details, in everyday life, but heritage is our roots. Our ancestors built it, knew how to preserve it, and we now invite you to discover and cherish it.

Costume traditionnel de Fontcouverte - La Toussuire. Le costume est plein de couleur vive ainsi que de belle broderie savoyarde