Skiing and sliding

A ski area, a ski resort and all the snow activities that go with it…

Skiing, sliding, walking, sledding, and why not jumping, flying, rolling, dancing… It’s for all these activities that you like to come to La Toussuire. You can also admire, marvel, exchange, bubble, buy, sleep, visit, relax, swim, …
All these actions for a week’s vacation, it might be a bit short, right?

In the Sybelles ski area, Jean-Pierre Vidal skis on a recently groomed piste, with a family in the background

Les Sybelles, the ski area at #positivealtitude

Les Sybelles, 4th ski area in France, 393ha of snow from 1100 to 2620m altitude. 6 resorts, 21 fun areas, 136 slopes including 58 blue slopes to satisfy even beginners.

Discover the play areas, the piste map, the apps and all the services that Les Sybelles offers you

Family learning to ski on the Ravières slope in La Toussuire

Skiing – Walking

There is no longer just one way to ski. At La Toussuire – Les Sybelles, we have understood this and we offer several alternative activities to vary the pleasures

Cross-country skiing, footpaths – snowshoeing, cross-country skiing… It’s here !

Family toboggan battle on a track in La Toussuire - Les Sybelles. Tobogganing is one of the many activities to practice.

winter activities

Can you imagine the number of activities we offer you this winter? The snow gets all the votes, of course! Wellness activities are developing, do not hesitate to take advantage of them, they are so pleasant! Let’s not forget that we are a family resort: we offer a large selection of activities dedicated to children. Finally, heritage has the right to quote even in winter, and “everything is culture” even agriculture!!