Practical information

Practical information

Here, you will find all the practical information you will need to prepare your stay in the most efficient way, whether for a stay in winter, summer or off-season.

How to come to the resort, information on how to best stay there and make the most of your holidays are available below.

A road runs along the mountain towards La Toussuire. The path along the Grand Truc at sunrise.

Coming to La Toussuire

Accessing the station from international, national or regional: nothing could be simpler and more practical. La Toussuire is easily accessible by all means of transport: plane, train, car, shuttles, taxis and carpooling with TicTacTrip…

Move around the resort

A plateau on a single altitude (1800m) guarantees pedestrian and easy access to the whole resort.. All the information for staying in the resort is here: direction of traffic, car parks, maps, timetables, free shuttles…

Kindercentrum La Ruche

Entrust your child to enjoy some free time and teach him socialization, the La Ruche childhood center is dedicated to this mission. A Crèche which welcomes toddlers from 6 months old, a Club which allows children from 3 years old to 12 years old to have a good time with friends and to practice activities related to nature or skiing, these are the two dedicated receptions of La Toussuire. A team really attentive to their needs, well-organized infrastructures and a lot of creativity to make them feel good. Your children are in good hands!

Pass'Partout card, the Corbier and Toussuire pre-payment card. Allows you to debit your activities with promotions like a classic card

The Pass’Partout card

The Pass’ Partout card is a rechargeable pre-payment card that allows you to pay for your activities without money in your pocket and to benefit from promotions. It is valid on the two neighboring resorts of Le Corbier and La Toussuire..

Information about COVID and the Vaccine Pass