La Toussuire in all seasons

Our beautiful resort of La Toussuire isn’t just something to explore in winter. You can discover it all year round. Come and admire its thousand and one facets.

La Toussuire in spring

Winter is over, the snow is melting, the winter chill is giving way to the warmth of the first spring sunshine. The rivers are thawing, the torrents are growing in size and the gentle lapping of the water can be heard.

The meadows regain their beautiful green colours, the buds emerge with their floral aromas, each with a shade of smell as pleasant as the next, accompanied by the bees that set about pollinating them.

The marmots finish their hibernation and start to show their noses. The swallows are back to share their most beautiful songs with us. The first herds of cows, sheep and goats begin their climb to enjoy the first blades of grass.

The mountains are waking up, so why not come and wake up with them?

Photo en format portrait prise de jour. Sur la photo nous pouvons voir au premier plan des gentianettes de couleurs bleues, nous pouvons distinguer au second plan les aiguilles d'arves

Joséphine, ambssadrice de La Toussuire pour les Sybelles prend le soleil sur un balcon du restaurant d'altitude Les Carlines au printemps. Un casse-croute posé devant elle, les sommets légèrement enneigés derrière elle.

A marmot, hidden behind a rock, points the tip of its nose in the spring.

La Toussuire in summer

Summer is back and the herds are finally settled. The cows graze peacefully, the sound of their bells echoing through our mountain pastures. The goats are climbing the rocks, and not far away their cousins the chamois are doing the same in search of food.

The Tour de France has left its mark, now it’s your turn to get into action. It’s time to put on your best polka-dot jersey and conquer the many cols, following in the footsteps of the famous cyclo climbers!

After the effort, the comfort! Let yourself be carried away by the folklore of the village festivals. The melody of the alphorn rings out, bringing out the charm of Foncouvertin.

Photo prise en format paysage prise de jour. Nous pouvons y voir un chalet d'alpage.

Photo en format portrait prise de jour. Nous pouvons y voir une jeune femme de dos avec une tenue traditionnelle Fontcouvertin. Elle porte un couvre chef de l'époque avec une robe. Elle porte également un châle qui comporte des broderies fleuries.

Photo prise de jour au format horizontal avec au centre de l'image deux belles chèvres noir avec autour des moutons

La Toussuire in autumn

Temperatures are dropping, and the flora is blazing up the mountains in its brilliant colours one last time before going to sleep for the winter. Get up high to admire this colourful spectacle.

Take out your basket and relax on the leaf-covered forest paths. Breathe in the scent of the fir trees, larches and undergrowth as you search for the finest chestnuts to pick or mushrooms to gather.

View of autumn fields with sheep still grazing in La Toussuire. The Maurienne Valley with the town of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne below, at sunrise.
Autumn landscape on the ascent to La Toussuire. Trees celebrate the season in all their finery

La Toussuire in winter

The time has come for the trees to shed their clothes and make way for a pretty white coat. The first snowflakes are falling and it’s time to put on your après-skis. Take a few steps in the fresh snow and feel it crackle beneath your feet.

It’s 9am, the ski area is waking up, the lifts are opening and the turnstiles are announcing the start of the day. Let yourself be carried away to contemplate the panoramic views of our mountains under a radiant sun. The first gliding sensations are here, and you can hear the sound of ski edges cutting through the snow. The ski season is finally underway.

The sun is setting and temperatures are dropping. There’s nothing better than warming up with a tasty Savoyard meal. The sound of crackling cheese wakes your stomach. The mild, refined taste of Beaufort will delight the taste buds of young and old alike.

Photo d'un couple lors d'un repas au restaurant. Nous avons deux personnes à table en train de manger un repas, il s'agit d'une raclette. L'homme est a droite de l'image, la raclette au centre et la femme à gauche.

Les Aiguilles d’Arves

Be amazed by our emblematic Aiguilles d’Arves, with its famous “cat’s head”. In all weathers: sun, rain, mist, at any time of day, in any season, they’ll never cease to amaze you!

Photo prise en format paysage au moment du coucher de soleil; Nous pouvons voir les Aiguilles d'Arves enneigées au moment du coucher de soleil avec les rayons orangés qui reflètent sur la roche et la neige.