Les Sybelles skiing area

Les Sybelles, the skiing area with a #positivealtitude

Un couple arrêté au bord d'une piste de ski admire le panorama des montagnes en second plan

6 beautiful resorts and 393 ha of snow to ski around !

Created in 2002 thanks to the vision of a man passionate about our territory, the Sybelles skiing area links 6 resorts, among which La Toussuire is the highest gateway. Saint-Sorlin-d’Arves, Saint-Jean-d’Arves, Le Corbier, Saint-Colomban-des-Villards and Les Bottières constitute an area of 393ha, the 4th biggest skiing area in France, where each resort has kept its personality. From 1,100m to 2,620m above sea level, its 136 slopes offer massive skiing spaces and breathtaking panoramas, from the Etendard glacier to Mont Blanc. Particularly suitable for learning thanks to its 21 fun zones and its 8 kids’ learning areas, it offers 58 blue slopes to discover the most beautiful landscapes without having to be an Olympic champion skier.

Map of the slopes

Here is the map of the Sybelles skiing area slopes – the 4thbiggest skiing area in France. 67 ski lifts take you from resorts to summits, from kids’ learning areas to fun zones. This skiing area will be your next playground. .This map will fuel your dreams until you lay your first ski on the snow.

In addition, so that you can imagine your next descents well, it is interactive.

Click and dream away…

The fun zones

To ski well, you need to enjoy it, whatever your level. For beginners, we have created dedicated, secure learning spaces. As soon as you are ready to visit us, discover our relaxation and fun zones, in the heart of the resort, beholding a sumptuous panorama.

.Snowpy Mountain is the latest addition, just below Ouillon. Once you feel ready, it’s time to try, to experiment, to follow the voice that encourages you to throw caution to the wind: our mini kilometre race, the Snowpark, and Waterslide skiing are available to help you build your confidence. Additionally, for our younger guests or those who do not ski, sledding slopes and playgrounds are available. Discover our many fun zones within easy reach by ski.

L'espace ludique Snowpy Mountain vue d'ensemble avec les montagnes et les Aiguilles d'Arves au second plan

Sybelles apps

The Sybelles.ski app

You’ve now studied the map of the slopes, purchased your ski pass, and taken your first chairlift ride… Once at the resort, you are not alone, the “Sybelles.ski” app is always by your side: the app offers snow & resort information, challenges, and shows you where you are; with the app, the Sybelles ski by your side!

Sybelles Explor’Games

Enjoy gaming while you ski ? For fans of skiing and gaming, discover the Sybelles Explor’Games app, to travel in your imagination and on the slopes. A world-first in a skiing resort, our scripted adventure game challenges you to save the planet. Download it and take it everywhere with you.

Flashcodes for Explor'Game by Sybelles.ski
Flash code for the Sybelles.ski app
Screenshot of the Sybelles.ski application, with snow information, resort conditions, fun zones, shuttles and restaurants accessible from the slopes. The app also allows users to recharge their ski pass and take part in games and challenges

Our Webcams

Want to see what the resort or the slopes look like? Our webcams are there for you!