Walks and Hikes

Calling all walkers ! Our alpine pastures are ideal for walking !

Fields as far as the eye can see, paths by the dozens… La Toussuire is the ideal place to learn, start hiking again, or train for hiking. Our low-level cow grazing mountain terrain offers easy hiking options for all levels, and magnificent panoramas to admire. If cows can do it, so can you !

And, for those who get a bit anxious in wide-open spaces, take advantage of our guided walks. Discover a soothing world, where fauna and flora are your allies. Explore the mountains in confidence with our guides, for greater enjoyment !

Father and son in an alpine pasture, watching animals in their natural environment with binoculars

Tips for hikers

Our mountain environment is unique and requires knowledge to fully appreciate it. To hike safely and with peace of mind, check out our helpful tips for enjoyable walks.

Patou herd dogs

Herd dogs are working dogs. They are by no means companion animals. Yes, they are “so cute”, but they are workers protecting their herd. Read our tips for safe encounters by clicking below.

Gros plan sur un le visage d'un jeune Patous se réveillant de sa sieste
Image en drone où l'on voit une famille en randonnée sur les crêtes de la Toussuire ainsi que le paysage montagneux tel que les Aiguilles d'Arves.

Hiking routes

Calling all walkers ! Our alpine pastures are ideal for walking : a touch of altitude, some gentle ascents, breathtaking panoramas and fresh air !

Topographic guide

Take a topographic guide on your hikes to find your way, discover new trails to explore, and make the most of the landscape.

Famille de quatre personnes prise en photo de dos en train de randonnée sur une crête de la Toussuire. We can see the Belledonnes massif in the background
Guide de montagne en train d'expliquer les différentes types d'espèces sur le territoire devant un groupe de vacancier. Au second plan un paysage montagneux pour observer la nature

Guided hikes

The best way to discover nature is to understand it.

Our mountain guides are trained to pass on their knowledge. These experts point out what you might have missed, answer your questions about nature, and help set the ideal pace on longer walks…

Hiking nearby

La Toussuire is located in the Arvan Villard massif, close to the Belledonne massif. The mountain is a universe that cannot be confined to a single resort. All paths lead to Rome and we encourage you to explore as far as possible.

Photo prise de Saint Jean d'Arves avec vue sur les aiguilles d'Arves, la Cime des Torches et des alpages au premier plan
Logo de l'Énigme de la Médaille d'Or

Orientation Course

Gold Medal Enigma

It’s often difficult to motivate kids to go on multiple hikes. Head over to the Tourism Office for the trail maps, and take your kids on a fun, educational orientation course. They’ll feel like they’re taking a break as they walk…

Lorna’s blog

Lorna works in our tourism office reception. She is passionate about hiking. She is forever criss-crossing the Maurienne valley, and her expertise is invaluable. She created her blog to share her experiences and suggestions.

Panorama from Croix de la Chal towards La Tour en Maurienne, with a sea of clouds in front of a sunset