Our planet

Because we care about our environment

We have lived for many generations in the heart of nature, so we know it well. Having learned to live with the specifics of our mountain environment, we are in harmony with them every day, whatever the season. Since nature is all around us, we are committed to its preservation ?

We all know how important the challenges of sustainable development and a sustainable future are to you, to us and to the planet. Therefore, we work every day so that our actions are in harmony with these principles.

The La Toussuire Tourist Office is committed!

Zero Co2 challenge logo

The Sybelles skiing area Zero CO² challenge.

Aware of the major challenges of climate change, Sybelles® skiing area puts the environment at the heart of its planning strategy, to move towards responsible, sustainable tourism. Our goal : 0 carbon in 2037.

Christmas trees

There is no small gesture when it comes to protecting the environment and safeguarding the planet. Every year, as Christmas approaches and the resort is about to open, we provide all the resort’s retailers with potted fir trees to be replanted in the spring. They are decorated with solar-powered tinsel.

Photo prise en journée de printemps. nous pouvons voir des employés communaux avec le maire de la Toussuire ainsi qu'un élu en train de planter des sapins près de la Pumptrack

Charging station

In La Toussuire you can find several places to recharge your hybrid or plug-in vehicle:

Rue des Fondeurs behind the Le Perce Neige building

– Hotel / Restaurant Les Soldanelles

Résidence CGH Alpaga