Food and regional produce

Delights galore!

The Maurienne Valley is the place to feast! With a selection of tomme, beaufort, sausages and local wines, there’s no end to the local delights on offer, and our merchants are happy to assist…

La Toussuire has it all. We offer a selection of local produce, as well as the usual range of items, in our bakeries and pastry shops, local boutiques, and grocery stores. They will all be happy to help!

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Brasserie Jananka

Since 2019, Anthony has been running his micro-brewery in La Bise, a pretty hamlet in Fontcouverte, La Toussuire, where he produces several kinds of beers: a pepper white, an IPA, an amber and a light blonde! The shop is open on demand !

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Savoué goat farm

Chèvrerie de Savoué, offers different goat cheeses, which you can find every Friday on the La Toussuire market from 9 a.m. during the summer and winter seasons.

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La Bergerie de l’Etoile

Axelle, a sheep breeder, offers you her artisanal products, cheeses and charcuterie for sale on the farm and on the La Toussuire market in season.

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La Fine Bouche

Traditional charcuterie made in Chambéry. (Salaisons du cayon) Regional cheeses (Beaufort from the Cartier farm) Delicatessen / Fondue and raclette formulas

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Cooperative Les Producteurs Savoyards

Directly from the Maurienne cheese cooperative and Savoy producers: enjoy the best local products in short circuit! CHEESE, SALTING, LOCAL PRODUCTS

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The White House Snail

Established since 2006, Carole raises and transforms her gros-gris snails in parks surrounded by nature in a village located at an altitude of 1000 meters! Young and old gourmets will appreciate the different products cooked by Carole.

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Sherpa Alimentation

A tailor made minimarket for your moutain holidays!

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Utile Minimarket

Minimarket, bread, press, local products. Domestic appliance loan Home delivery service

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