The White House Snail

Established since 2006, Carole raises and transforms her gros-gris snails in parks surrounded by nature in a village located at an altitude of 1000 meters! Young and old gourmets will appreciate the different products cooked by Carole.
It is several thousand snails which welcome you. A discovery to be made in family: youngs will be interested in Mister Escargot who moves in front of stunned eyes. Having discovered the complete cycle of our gastropod, the adults will discover that you can appreciate it all year long : in the apéritif, in sauce, in confit....
A visit which will delight kids and adults !

There products are prepared by our care in our laboratory for the standards EU, with fresh vegetables and butter of Savoie. They are for sale all year long, exclusively in the stores of the Cooperative of Arves "Aux Produits Savoyards" (Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne and Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne) and their stores in the resorts of La Toussuire, Le Corbier, Albiez and Valloire.
The direct selling on the exploitation is possible on phone call.

Host portrait

Carole does not come from an agricultural background and yet… She is the only helicopter farmer in Maurienne. After working in a company, Carole was looking for another, more fulfilling career path. She discovered snail farming, trained and it was a revelation. With the help of her husband, her project becomes reality. In 2006, she set up her parks at her home in Fontcouverte la Toussuire at an altitude of 1,000 meters. She raises snails gros-gris that she transforms. Her commitment does not stop there.
In 2022, she participated in the creation of the National Heliciculture Federation in order to defend and develop French snail production.

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Spoken languages : French
Adapted tourism : Not accessible in a wheelchair