Road information

Driving in the mountains takes some planning, especially when you’re not used to it. Yet we all do it, usually without any issues.

A few precautions, a bit of planning, and some practical tools to make your life easier.

1– Long before your departure, prepare any special equipment you might need (snow tyres, chains or snow socks). These items are important because they must be taken into account in planning your holiday budget. Do not overlook these items, as they are essential for a safe trip ! You will certainly know the weather when you arrive at the resort but not when you return !

2When setting off, store these items close to hand so that you can reach them easily. Add your tow hook to these items (since it is usually placed under the spare wheel, it becomes inaccessible when the boot is loaded and you actually need it…)

3The day before your departure, make sure you check the weather and road/traffic conditions.

Here’s some links to help :

Météo France (French Weather Service) :

Traffic report :

Tune in to the highway radio :

Follow the Twitter accounts of the prefecture areas you travel through for real-time news :

@Prefet73 for example

4 – It’s also strongly advisable to follow us too: @LaToussuire

Some tips for driving on the snow :

Start in second gear and don’t accelerate too fast. There is no point in making the wheels spin, on the contrary !

Go at your own pace (slowly).

Do not make any sudden changes in direction, drive in a relaxed way !

Be ready for turns in the road, and downshift early.

Some advice from Laurent Sanson, reporter at and La Toussuire regular