10 good reasons to come and ski in the spring at La Toussuire

1 – It’s sunny and warm

The sun is shinning and temperatures are positive during the day. They are still negative at night, which allows the snow to persist!

2 – ski “light”

we wear less clothes so we ski more freely! No more down jackets and many layers of clothing. Often a technical fabric jacket is enough. It’s time to take the opportunity to improve your stick planting by taking lessons or to start learning safely.

3 – The snow is fluffy

The snow is fluffy because it is no longer icy. Our groomers are the “masters of the snow” and know how to work it so that it remains light and slippery. The southern orientation of the resort and the varied orientations of the slopes over the entire area allow you to always have the perfect conditions.

4 – The days are longer

The days are longer so we have time to take breaks and stroll. It’s up to you to relax on the deckchairs of the high-altitude restaurants and the perfect tan that goes with it! It’s up to you to go shopping in the resort while the children are at the ski course

5 – There are more animations

there is more entertainment because the resorts want to attract tourists during these “quiet” periods This is the perfect time to enjoy the best festive moments and the most exciting theme weeks.

6 – Fewer people on the slopes

There are fewer people than in the school holidays, so there are no queues at the ski lifts, no queues in the restaurants and you can feel pleasure of feeling welcome everywhere! We take advantage of everything, “de-stress” position engaged!

7 –It is good for the healt :

we spend a relaxing holiday, without stress and the maximum sunshine allows with an excellent supply of vitamins D for the health of the bones and the immune system. It is good for children and parents. Don’t forget your sunscreen with an adapted UV index and you come back tanned with the trace of the mask, everything you need to make your colleagues jealous!

8 – Good plans and attractive prices

In low season, accommodation is a little cheaper, dates are often more flexible. The ski lifts offer promotions or specific offers. Sports shops sometimes sell off more easily at the end of the season.

9 – It’s the season of ease

the traffic conditions on the road are better and it is easier to access the station. The skiing conditions are more pleasant and there are fewer people on the slopes: it’s time to get started! Thanks to the free Espace Gliss Les Lutins (space reserved for learning), you can get started without difficulty and in complete safety.

10 – better sanitary conditions?

Finally, with the sun returning, the temperatures warming, we are likely to see sanitary conditions improve and restrictions evaporate. An excellent reason to escape and enjoy, because we all deserve it!