To ensure that your holidays go as smoothly as possible and to bring back only good memories of your stay with us, we invite you to follow the health instructions recommended below:

Category 1 mask or neckband

Mandatory mask indoors for anyone over 6 years old.

Category 1 masks or neck straps are compulsory in the queues and on all the ski lifts (Only ski lifts and treadmills may possibly be exempt from wearing a mask when used by a single person).

Masks and neck warmers are not compulsory when practicing a sport, therefore on our slopes.

Vaccination pass

For leisure places and ski lifts, the Vaccinal Pass is compulsory for anyone over 16 years old. The health pass is maintained for 12-15 year olds.

Random checks are carried out in the queues with people over the age of 12.

Compulsory vaccination pass to access the activities of the Tourist Office indoors.

Barrier gestures

We invite you to continue to respect the barrier gestures. Distancing is more necessary than ever in all queues and in all places that welcome the public.

Where to get tested

In order to make sure that you are not a carrier of COVID-19 and that you can enjoy your stay with your family and friends, discover on the website the screening centres, nurses and pharmacies closest to your place of stay.

On site, several medical structures are likely to welcome you:

For more information, free Covid number: 09 70 30 17 00

Anti Covid neck warmer

Skiers are required to wear a surgical mask or a category 1 fabric mask (AFNOR SPEC S76-001 certification) in queues and on ski lifts. Regarding neck warmers, only those that are filtering and approved will be authorized as an alternative to masks. Very practical for skiing and adapted to this protocol, approved neck warmers can be put on and taken off on the nose in a few seconds.

An anti-Covid-19 neck warmer in the colors of Les Sybelles® is on sale at tourist offices in resorts for €10 .

Protected contact areas

Cash desks, ski lift poles, chairlift safety barriers, automatic ski pass collection terminals… The Sybelles® ski area and the La Toussuire Tourist Office have protected all contact areas during your transport on our ski lifts and in our waiting areas by the company Clean Protect Zone. Thanks to a process already used for many years in hospitals and pharmaceuticals, without allergic or dermatological risk, viral cells (coronavirus, flu, gastro) are destroyed over a guaranteed period of 1 year.

Resistant to cold (-40°C) and bad weather, the Sybelles® ski area is the very first ski area in France to be equipped with this equipment to protect you and its teams.

Sanitary measures in the ski resort

Find out about all the sanitary measures put in place in resorts at all points of contact during your stay in the mountains to ensure your health and that of others.

The measures put in place at the Tourist Office

During your visit to the Tourist Office we will ask you:

  • To wear a mask or a category 1 neck strap
  • Use the hydro-alcoholic gel available at the entrance to the Office and throughout the building
  • To respect barrier gestures and the direction of traffic
  • To respect the quota of 30 people maximum in the hall of the Tourist Office.

Don’t forget to download the “Tous anti-Covid” application to be informed as a priority.

For more information you can also contact us by email: