Champions in the making

Winter portrait photo A portrait of young skier Bastien Flammier in competition attire, with a helmet and a mask

Bastien Flammier

A young ski mountaineer, competing for the last 4 years. He is building his future around sports.

Photo prise en format vertical. Nous pouvons voir Théo en plein effort en ski alpinisme. A noter qu'il porte ses skis sur son dos

Théo Albrieux

Passionate about ski mountaineering after having had a taste of skiing in a club, he joined the Savoy Ski Mountaineering Committee at the age of 16, while completing his high school studies.

Profile picture of Shaun Binet, showing off his motorcycle in front of a landscape

Shaun Binet

This little guy has been into mechanical sports since the youngest age. An enduro fan and skilled competitor since the age of 4.

Photo d'un groupe d'enfants du Ski Club de la Toussuire prise de face. Les enfants en tenue de ski prennent la pose pour la photo devant la cabane du chronométrage

Ski Club

La Toussuire Ski Club is a true breeding ground for talent ! Great champions have graduated from this club, and the story isn’t over…