Mountain architecture

There’s so much to see !

Our architecture, houses, costumes, and Know-Howall testify to bygone eras which, albeit not ancestral, are part of our mountain heritage. They bear witness to a way of life, folk traditions and enduring values of which we are proud. Thus, the “legged houses”, with their frames resting on poles planted outside the house, testify to a distinct Know-How and an adaptation to the particularly unstable terrain on which they rest.

Savoy heritage is rich, and there is so much to see…Are you curious enough to come and discover it?

Detail of wooden mountain chalet. We see a perfectly centred period window in this picture, with a crest of the Savoy flag below
Detail of church front door. The door takes up all the space in the photo, which is centred. The double wooden door is surrounded by a stone arch.
Day-time close-up photo of a (local architectural feature). Water tank, and water flowing gently through a small slot in the foreground
Typical Savoy house architecture. Wooden staircase to reach the first floor of the house / Concrete groundfloor, first floor and roofing are of wood